Whilst many would like less documentation and traditional drawing production, formal drawings are still the product of most firms and are used as the primary contractual communication with 3rd parties. This is not going to change soon. Much of the effort expended throughout the design process is on curating sets of these drawings; sometimes disproportionately to the amount of time spent on actual design.

Whilst object-based modelling tools are making the generation of drawings easier than 2D drafting, there is little other automation, let alone AI-based workflows that assist in generating final deliverables including drawn content and other digital outputs.

What we need 

Efficient and intelligent deliverables

The generation of design documentation and digital deliverables should be incidental to the design process. Software should have the ability – either through manual input or data-driven intelligence – to largely automate the output of drawn information and submission models to suit both the organisation and the specific project.

Software should also cater for different types of drawn documentation; deliverables, manuals, sketch communication, etc. as well as efficiently generating the range of deliverables that AEC firms need to produce.

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