Access, Data and Licensing


Some leading AEC tools in use today have shifted towards poor value offerings over the past 5-10 years, where the ‘actual’ cost of using a single design tool have become almost incalculable against the genuine production output by a designer. These spiralling costs to design firms become extremely hard to justify when these products are not fulfilling fundamental design requirements or are not evolving at the pace of the AEC industry itself.

These issues have been further compounded by licensing models where tools are now fully allocated to named individuals who may not fully use a product, or by having to predict expenditure for access currencies.

In short, emerging licensing models do not align with the way that the AEC industry functions; nor will it be able to impact the status quo.

What we need

Better value through improved access, data and licensing models.

We want to pay for tools that offer genuine value and efficiencies to our creative design process, respond to the design factors we need to deliver, and improve collaboration with partners and data interoperability.

 The commercial offerings around any future design software should:

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