Access across Use Cases, Personas and Locations


In 2023, nearly all design staff are operating as part of a hybrid, flexible or geographically diverse workforce. This is set to continue.

Our current design tools are based around a design team sitting next to each other, in the same building, using the same hardware, the same software build, and still they struggle to collaborate on a simple 5-storey building.

By comparison, outside of our working environments, one of our designers can go home to “collaborate” with 100’s of people globally, across vastly different hardware setups, in a dataset the size of a city with granular detail of windowsills and ironmongery. Whether that be Call of Duty or Fortnite; it is possible.

What we need

Live access to design data, geometry, and documentation beyond the restrictions of current desktop-based practices.

Different experiences are required by different personas using different technologies, all accessing the same data. It is understood computationally heavy processes, such as model setup or heavy geometry and data manipulation, will still require desktop compute. However, those same datasets should be available across a range of media – including web and mobile – for interaction and review.

This is possible, as seen across a range of emerging products; however, it needs to be more widely adopted.

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